Keep Fit

Keep Fit & Active Classes

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Keep Fit & Active Classes

As dogs age it is essential to keep them moving, it is a case of ‘use it, or lose it’!

Suitable for all dogs including veterans and dogs with compromised movement, our keep fit classes aim to maintain your dog’s normal functional movement enabling them to enjoy life to the full!

Each session starts with mentally stimulating and low impact exercises that promote coordination, thus encouraging stability, flexibility and balance.

These are followed by some form of scent work plus other activities that include but not limited to, hoopers, agility and ball herding.

Click here to see physical conditioning examples.​ 


All dogs love to use their nose and the following activities give them the chance to do just that. There are opportunities for scent work in the sensory garden, man trailing, tracking, detection work or simply nose work games


Our enclosed sensory garden has many differing surfaces, including sand, slate, grass, wood, grit, gravel and pebbles. There are different levels, plus a living willow tunnel and small maze to negotiate. The numerous smells, textures and sounds engage all the senses, encouraging dogs to use their natural canine skills to explore the area.

Ideal for puppies as part of their environmental socialisation and for dogs with reduced mobility including the elderly, as the physical and mental challenges provide stimulation and enhance spatial awareness, balance and coordination

All dogs will benefit from their sessions of scent work in the garden, as actively sniffing daily results in good mental health, and calm behaviour.

Photos: Mabel, Floss and Honey

We also give you the opportunity to have a go at fun agility and hoopers, particularly in the summer months.

A low impact activity, where the dog goes through hoops, tunnels [80cm diameter so much larger than in agility] and around barrels. The emphasis is on smooth flowing lines and the interaction between handler and dog.


Low jumps and contact equipment, no sew-saw or weaves.

Photos: Mabel Dill Bella


PENALTY SHOOT OUT, a spin off from TREIBALL [ball herding] a popular dog sport in Germany & the USA and now growing in popularity in the UK. The dog is sent out to collect a ball which it pushes towards handler / goal in order to score.

Pictures below show Pebbles, who has limited vision and hearing, scoring a goal