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Massage therapy

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Designed to improve and support physical development

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All training incorporates both learning theory and experience.

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Pilates and exercise for physical conditioning

Welcome to Dogs In Tune

Working in East Sussex as a canine massage and exercise therapist, Teresa regards the prevention and management of movement problems and disorders in dogs as an essential consideration when training. Continuing medical advances are increasing the longevity of dogs, although this often results in their having to cope with physically debilitating diseases, such as osteoarthritis for a longer period of time.

Dogs have learnt to live with us in domestic situations, but only now are we beginning to appreciate the importance of providing a puppy with an environment that allows for and promotes it’s proper physical development, if it is to have a long active life. Dogs do not complain when they have an ache or are stiff they simply ease the pain by changing the way they move. The effects of these compensatory actions can cause a change in joint action, increasing the possibilities of developing conditions such as degenerative joint disease.

With the growth of dog sports, such as agility and fly ball, many dogs are now expected to perform as athletes, yet frequently they receive little after care or physical preparation apart from skills training. Often handlers warm their dogs up and down when competing yet fail to do this for training sessions, which can have a far greater impact on the dog’s physical structure, due to it’s repetitive nature.

All training in our workshops and classes is positive, reward based and provided in a safe and stimulating environment. Care for your dog’s continuing physical development is always an important element in our training sessions.


Canine Psychology Certificate
– Canine Behaviour Centre, Cumbria

Canine Massage Diploma.
– Galen Therapy Centre /Laser Accreditation

Galen Natural Progression Diploma.
– Galen Therapy Centre/Laser Accreditation

City & Guilds Animal training certificate
– Canine Studies College

Canine First Aid

Advanced Accredited Hoopers Instructor, 
– Canine Hoopers UK


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