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About Dogs In Tune

Teresa at Dogs in Tune has for the past twenty years participated in obedience, heel work to music, gun dog training, scent work and agility with her own dogs. It was while working at a Sussex canine training centre, that she realised how few classes were suitable for older or less physically able dogs, even though they were still keen to work.

Likewise with puppies their more immediate physical needs are often overlooked in the desire to have ‘a well trained dog’.

Deciding to combine her knowledge of canine behaviour and training with that of canine physiology Teresa now offers low impact activity classes including the new sport of Hoopers, in addition to  massage therapy and physical conditioning.

In her spare time Teresa concentrates on her own dogs, Rolo fourteen year old border terrier, happy to have a go at anything! Harry a ten year old Cavalier K.Ch. Sp, Grade 7 Agility and six year old Esme, a GSP, Grade five agility.