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About Dogs In Tune

Over the past 25 years Teresa has had the pleasure to live with 3 German Shorthaired Pointers, 2 Border Terriers and 2 Cavalier King Charles Spaniels and depending on the individual dog’s preferences! trained and taken part in obedience, fly ball, HPR, rally, trick training, heelwork to music, scent work, and agility.

Working as a canine massage and exercise therapist, first licensed with Galen and then independently she become very aware of the physical stresses that all these sports, could cause their participants.

Teresa now enthusiastically promotes the sport of Hoopers, a low impact activity suitable for dogs of all breeds and ages,  which arrived properly in the UK in 2017 with the formation of Canine Hoopers UK.

Having introduced Hoopers in a fun way into her keep fit and active classes in 2016.  Teresa was lucky enough to be accepted on the first Canine Hoopers UK accredited instructors’ course  and then in 2019 she became one of their first advanced accredited instructors and now besides training and competing in Hoopers, also  judges at CHUK events.

In spare time, Teresa concentrates on her own dogs, 12 year old CKChSp Harry Gr 7 agility retired, 8 year old GSP Esme Gr 5, retired and 3 year old CKChSp Monty …. waiting to compete in agility! Over the past 2 years all 3 have competed in hoopers and all have moved from starters to novice in at least one of the 4 disciplines. Looking forward to the future…!